Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clive Cussler, Cyclops

'Tis the season of pulp fiction. This is another guy I was addicted to in school. Why? An unbelievable narrative that draws America, Russia, Cuba and the moon into it for good measure. Moon colonists, star wars, a plot to assassinate Fidel Castro and wipe out Havana in the process, whew. And, of course, only one man can save them all. The number of times Dirk Pitt is beaten to a pulp and emerges handsomer, craggier and sexier cannot be numbered. A charming roller-coaster ride for any who profess an adolescent-level knowledge of world history and politics. Give me James Bond any day. The guy kept things simple atleast. There was one weapon, one group, one nuclear reactor that had to be annihilated to save the world. Dirk Pitt has to fight multiple enemies to affirm his manhood. Did I mention he gets into the beds of any number of gorgeous women? Again, give me James Bond any day. Did I mention bad writing? Ah well...

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